eco living

Homes that use sustainably produced and repurposed materials to provide both aesthetic and an eco-friendly environment.


Your safety is our top priority with a 24/7 Security system surveillance.


Eco-friendly and welcoming environment.


Service management put a strong emphasis on delivering values and nurturing relationships.

Rent Management

PrimoYard provides a full property leasing service to ensure that your rental experience is as convenient, quick, and profitable as possible. If you own a property or are considering purchasing one here, we welcome you to our office to take advantage of the benefits of PrimoYard quality with our unique experience and ideal service objective.

Property Management

From construction through living, your home should be handled easily and professionally. In other words, we understand that every investor's first goal is to work with a skilled and committed workforce. That is why we do not hand up the key and complete the task. We provide continuous and expert Property Management with PrimoYard quality for all of your maintenance, cleaning, security, reception, and other needs.

Investment Management

We provide a comprehensive investment platform with the goal of providing superior investment performance and client service in all conditions. Our focus on real estate and infrastructure, together with our diverse talent pool and genuine commitment to our customers, gives us a significant competitive advantage. We provide a variety of unique solutions that aim to maximise their return on investment while taking our institutional investor clients' risk tolerance into account.

Maintenance Services

To keep the common spaces well-kept and preserve the value of your home once the project is complete, we offer first-rate site management and maintenance-repair services with the PrimoYard difference. From the moment you purchase your home, we resolve any issues brought on by faulty materials or poor workmanship under a 6-month warranty, and we continue to provide services at competitive costs in the event that damages may develop after the warranty has expired. In the event of an emergency, we offer assistance round-the-clock, and for non-emergencies, we only accept appointments.


We provide consulting services while projects are being developed, working closely with our clients to ensure the project's requirements are met in the best possible manner on our part. When the vision of our customers is clear, PrimoYard takes advantage of every chance to put that vision into action. Our staff members, who are also experts in commercial, residential, and industrial projects, provide hospitality in addition to performing professional work on scheduling and budgeting, idea and image, execution, and observation. We provide a variety of services, including feasibility studies, property and site assessments, strategic consultancy, project building, and decommissioning.

Parcel And Real Estate Services

We provide superior services to help buyers and sellers in real estate transactions accomplish their individual objectives. You can also arrange for one-on-one home tours with our staff members, who have expertise renting and selling different kinds of housing. Do not be reluctant to arrange a visit if you are looking for a space to rent for your new home or business.

Architect for Quality Living Spaces

We are building the new life style of Cameroon finest living Spaces. Check out our ongoing and completed projects.